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Anyone interested in learning about the profound impact herbs can have on emotional healing.


Due to size of the campground and intimate nature of this material, the class will be capped at 12 students.

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JULY 21-23, 2023

Arrive Friday afternoon/evening

Depart Sunday afternoon/evening



Dillon Creek Campground

Closest town is Happy Camp, CA

2 hours from Arcata, CA

2 hours from Ashland, OR

This is the homeland of the Karuk and Yurok Tribes.


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We talk so much in herbalism about what to do when our bodies are hurt, out of balance & in need of support, but what about our emotions?  Herbs have the capacity to help us heal and balance our emotional body, just as they do our physical body. 


They can support us physically and emotional through crisis, recovery & re-building resilience to help us weather future turmoil.


Plants can move stuck feelings, bring ease to unbearable feelings, help us understand feelings, where they come from, and how to work with them. 


Herbs can help us heal and re-pattern behaviors that no longer serve us and hold us back from connection or self acceptance or sharing our personal brilliance with the world.

Whether you are in need of herbal support for your own emotional healing, or are looking to build skillfulness around supporting others , if this speaks to you, I hope you will join us!

We will cover a lot of material but we will also rest and play in the water a good deal.  I'm hoping to teach at least a little bit from an inner-tube on the river, so bring yr floaties :)

That picture above is of the swimming hole at the campground, just sayin...


Class Descriptions:

In this 9 hour weekend intensive we will delve into:


-Plant Spirit Medicine Basics (for those new to working with plants in this way)

-Herbal support during acute crisis & recovery (for those in crisis and their support people)

-Grounding & boundaries

-Emotional Herbalism Energetics

-Stress & Emotional Balance

-Herbs for anxiety & depression

-Healing emotional patterns with herbs

-Emotional Herbalism Embodied (herbs and emotional archetypes: grief, rage, anxiety, shame)

-This class will involve plant sit meditations to build embodied knowledge of the plants

-Emotional First-Aid Materia Medica

-Emotional first-aid kits (students will go home with kits from the class to build on)




-4pm & onward: Arrive and set up your campsite

-7:30pm: Dinner & Welcome

-9pm: Plant Sit around the campfire


-7-9am: Coffee & tea provided, BYObreakfast

-9-12: Class

-12-3: Swimming, chilling, BYOlunch, free time

-3-6pm: Class

-7:30pm: Dinner

-9pm: Plant Sit around the campfire & herbal mocktails


-7-9am: Coffee & Tea provided, BYObreakfast

-9-12: Class

-Noon & Onward: Swimming, chilling, BYOlunch, explore surrounding area

-Pack up your campsite & depart by sunset, its possible to camp Sunday night if that makes travel easier for you, LMK

3 / COST

-$400 per person

-Includes dinners FRI/SAT, coffee/tea SAT/SUN, camping, classes and an Herbal Emotional First-Aid Kit to take home

-Sign up with a friend and save $50

-Sign up for 2 Summer Camp sessions and save $50, sign up for all 3 and save $100

-1 ($100) scholarship spot available for BIPOC. 

-5% of proceeds will go to local tribal endeavors

-You will get a total refund if we have to cancel due to fire danger, otherwise no refunds available


Fill out the form above CAMP INFO or email me at


From me:

Though we have a large chunk for the campground reserved for this class, there are first come first serve sites, so it will not be just us.

This campground is remote, as in it is far from major highways and there is little to no cell service at it.  It is about 30 minutes from Happy Camp, CA where there are your basic small town amenities.  At the campground there is a rocky trail down to an amazing swimming hole.  There is no running water or electricity or cell phone service.  The campsites are mostly shady, but please be advised, it will be hot out here in July.  There is an outhouse.  If you have further questions about accessibility, please email me.

From the Forest Service:


"This campground has several single-family campsites, all equipped with picnic tables and campfire rings with grills. Vault toilets and drinking water are provided. A host may be on-site, and roads throughout the campground are paved.

The campground is situated in a forest of mixed hardwoods and conifers at an elevation of 1,780 feet. The Klamath River, a popular site for salmon fishing, runs alongside the site."

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