HERBAl healing sessions

One of the most profound things I can offer to you in a session is the act of bearing witness to your story, your experiences and your struggles.  We both put aside 2 uninterrupted hours to focus on what is keeping you from yourself, what is making you feel crappy or sad or sick or devastated and we dive in, real deep. I work with the plants to hold space for you to do the work of healing your body and your being in these sessions and in the time between our follow ups.


During our time together we will do more than talk and listen.  We will work with plants in session to support you in unwinding the imbalances you are working to heal.  This might look like herbal foot baths, plant meditations, somatic exercises, castor oil packs and the list goes one, it is all specific to what is going on with you.  This is embodied and hands on work.  



Initial Intake

Initial intakes are up to 2 hours long.  We will talk at length about what you are wanting support with and then we will talk about your health history, emotional landscape and go in-depth with all your body systems.  

All of this information helps me to understand the patterns of imbalance at play in your particular situation.  I will create you a personalized protocol including an herbal formula, nutritional suggestions, lifestyle shifts and magical/ritual practices.


(includes herbal formula)

Follow Up

Follow ups are hour long appointments at 4-8 week intervals where we will explore your healing process.  We will look at how the plants and other aspects of your protocol are impacting you.  In follow ups we continue to peel back the layers of illness and trauma in order to get closer to root issues.

Follow ups will also include in session herbal treatment and guided exercises.


(includes your custom herbal formula)

Hard Times Session

These hour long appointments are for when shit happens...you break a bone, get bronchitis, lose a loved one, go through a break-up...you get the picture.  Because it's only a hour we will be working acutely to support whats going on for you in the moment in order to find you some SWEET RELIEF.  We won't be able to go into deep re-pattering and uncovering root issues as in an Initial Intake.


(herbs not included)

*If payment is a barrier for you, please reach out.  I am committed to making herbs accessible to people.  We can talk about trade, sliding scale or payment plans.

I'm not a doctor.  I do not diagnose or prescribe.  As an herbalist I work with patterns of imbalance in the body and being.