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A little about me

Hi, I’m Sam. I am a gay, white, non-binary (pronouns she or they) triple Virgo with a penchant for whimsy and a love of person centered health care.   I’m an herbalist, educator, folk healer, plant tender, and nutritional counselor.  I talk with plants, sing to mountains and listen to rocks.  And I encourage everyone to try this at least once or twice because you never know, it might change your life.   


I began working with herbal medicine as a teenager, hungry to find accessible and effective ways to support the health and wellbeing of my family and community.  So much gratitude to Christa Sinadinos, Greta De La Montagne, Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes for shaping me into the herbalist I am proud to be today.  Alongside plant medicine, I have studied nutrition, body work, energy work, ritual and horticultural therapy.  I view healing as an art form and in that sense, I am very much a multimedia artist.  It’s hard to believe a decade has passed since I started working clinically as an herbalist and teaching community herb classes!  


I have had the honor to work with folks one on one in my private practice as well as in a clinical setting at the Occupy Portland Herbal Clinic, Standing Rock Herbal Clinic and here in Ashland at the Morningstar Healing Arts Clinic.       


In my healing practice I currently offer one on one holistic herbal consultations as well as community and private herb classes.   My work is dedicated to helping people come home to themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I support students and clients in reclaiming agency over their bodies, and remembering that they have the strength to heal.  My training and experience show me that there is no healing the body without also healing the heart and spirit, so get ready to go deep ok?   


Herbcraft and plant magic are vital tools in our pursuit of collective liberation as well as community and personal healing. Disconnection is a core wound we all share under capitalism. I work with plant medicine as a bridge to guide clients and students back into relationship with nature, community and themselves.  I am proud to be apart of a growing movement in the herbal world working to dismantle systems of power within our community, educational offerings, healing practices and selves. I value integrity, equity, kindness and connection.

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