Digestive Fire is an 8 week long digestive and nutritional reset.

Need to make some nutritional changes but feel stuck in old patterns? Feel like the toxic/fatphobic/purity driven cleanse culture doesn't align with your values, but a dietary reset feels like what will help you meet your health goals?


Join me for this class series/group session hybrid!  Each week we will explore and learn to incorporate a different element of nutritional wellness. Focusing on getting your body's foundational nutritional needs met allows you to have more bandwidth to make dietary changes that feel daunting or you've struggled with in the past.  This focues on building you up and coming back to balance


Week 1 - Water

Week 2 - Bitters & Nervines

Week 3 - Micronutrients: Vitamins & Minerals

Week 4 - Fruits & Vegetables

Week 5 - Protiens & Fats

Week 6 -

Week 7

Week 8


I'm capping the group at 15 so

This program centers your nutritional goals, and what feels right and healthy for your body

Come for class stay for community support and accountibility