Hearth Magic & Medicine Making Weekend In The Woods

June 3rd-5th 2022

Near by Prospect, Oregon...unceded Takilma/Latgawa land


Queer Kitchen Witches assemble!  What could be better than spending a weekend deep in the woods camping with other queers and making all the medicine you need to transform your life back home in to a big beautiful botanically infused ritual???  If your answer was, "Nothing!" then let me suggest joining us for this weekend long class and campout.


Picture this...You and a small crew of LGBTQAI2S plant people in the woods brewing up herbal concoctions that will imbue your life back home with healing and ritual.  We will make so. much. medicine. 


We will also explore the truth of kitchen witching that is... how we make things matters as much as what we make.  There will be space to connect with the intentions going into the medicine we are making.  The class is a spell, the weekend is a ritual, weaving touch points of magic, connection and healing into you future daily life.


Class will take place in and around a magical little cabin that sits near a spring, creek and old growth forest out of a fairy tale.  We will be camping but there will be access to the amenities of the cabin (running water, bathroom, heat, but no electricity or cell service).  Pictures to the left <







Arrive afternoon/evening, set up camp, dinner together, making a stove-top hydrosol




7am: optional early bird plant meditation

9:30 - 12: Fire Cider, Cordials, Shrubs

12-2: Lunch Break

2-5: Bitters, Nutritive Oxymel, Stress Syrup


5-7: Dinner Break


7-9: Ritual Salt Soak, Dream Pillow



7am: optional early bird plant meditation


9:30-12: Boundary Balm, Essence Making


12-1: Lunch Break

1 and onward: Those that need to head home can, those that can stay until Monday morning can either chill at camp or come along on a hike to an alpine lake or along the Upper Rogue River.


Pack up and head out by 10am.


Cost: $300 (includes medicine making supplies, dinners & campsite)



Minimum class size 6

Maximum 12



-Dinner Friday & Saturday...tasty, organic, botanically infused

-All your medicine making supplies...students leave with everything we make


-Guaranteed cheesy herb Dad jokes :)


Why Kitchen Witch?

1) The fun, satisfying simplicity of making something with your hands you will use in your life scratches that deep itch for connection, agency, creativity.

2) It's way more cost effective than just buying the stuff!

3) On a deeper level, you are weaving touch points of ritual and connection to something bigger than the present into your daily life.  It integrates ritual into the day to day, mundane magic.  So helpful for the busy witch.