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Hearth Magic & Medicine Making Weekend In Ashland, OR

October 29-30 2022

Ashland, Oregon...unceded Takilma/Latgawa land



Kitchen Witches assemble!  What could be better than spending the weekend before Halloween elbow to elbow with other plant people and kitchen witches making all the medicine you need to transform your daily life in to a big beautiful botanically infused ritual???  If your answer was, "Nothing!" then let me suggest joining us for this weekend long class in October.


Picture this...You and a small crew of herb nerds cozy indoors while the autumn rain falls outside, brewing up herbal concoctions that will imbue your home with healing and ritual.  We will make SO. MUCH. MEDICINE.  Which means you will take home so much medicine.  Learn by doing with me in the kitchen.  See the schedule below for an idea of what we will be brewing up! 

We will also explore the truth of kitchen witching that is... how we make things matters as much as what we make.  There will be space to connect with the intentions going into the medicine we are making.  The class is a spell, the weekend is a ritual, weaving touch points of magic, connection and healing into you future daily life.  Bring an intention or two that you want to weave into the medicine you'll be crafting.

In honor of Samhain aka Halloween we will have an optional candle light ancestor dinner on Saturday evening.  As we loose the light of the day we will light our candles and lanterns and toast to our beloved dead.  I will make a big pot of soup to share, but please feel free to bring food and treats that your ancestors loved.  There will be an ancestor altar up where you can place pictures or mementos of your beloved dead to honor and remember them during this thin veil time.  IMPORTANT...please only bring things from your personal ancestry.  For not bring white sage if you are not indigenous to Turtle Island, do not bring Dia de los Muertos items if this holiday is not celebrated in your ancestral lineage.  This is part of pushing back on cultural appropriation and patterns of colonialism in magical and herbal practices.  Please reach out with any questions about this.


Class will take place in my cozy Ashland home!  I do live with a cat and a dog and while we keep a clean house, it is by no means dander free.  We will be running an air purifier for Covid harm reduction so that will help with the dander I imagine.


Covid precautions: We will all be doing a Covid rapid test together before we enter class together.  This is a must.  If your test comes back positive, you will not be able to attend class, but you will receive a full refund.  We will be running an air purifier during class.  You are welcome to wear masks but it won't be mandatory.      







10am: Arrive, group rapid Covid test, Opening Ritual

10:30 - 12:30: Fire Cider & Nutritive Oxymel

12:30-2: Lunch Break

2-5:30: Custom Digestive Bitters, Stress Syrup, Herbal Gummies


5:30-7: Candle Light Ancestor Dinner





10am: Arrive, Opening Ritual, Questions


10:30-12:30: Cordials & Shrubs, 4 Thieves Vinegar


12:30-1:30: Lunch Break

1:30-4: Stove-top hydrosols, Ritual Balm, Ritual Salt Soak


Cost: $333 (includes medicine making supplies and dinner Saturday evening) Reach out if you need sliding scale accommodation. 



Minimum class size 6

Maximum 12



-Dinner Saturday...tasty, organic, botanically infused

-All your medicine making supplies...students leave with everything we make

-Guaranteed cheesy herb Dad jokes :)


Why Kitchen Witch?

1) The fun, satisfying simplicity of making something with your hands you will use in your life scratches that deep itch for connection, agency, creativity.

2) It's way more cost effective than just buying the stuff!

3) On a deeper level, you are weaving touch points of ritual and connection to something bigger than the present into your daily life.  It integrates ritual into the day to day, mundane magic.  So helpful for the busy witch.  


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