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Emotional Herbalism Embodied

Thanks for coming to Emotional Herbalism Embodied!  Here you will find a grounding meditation that you can use in preparation for a plant sit, or afterwards to come back home to yourself. 

If you want to go deeper with this work, check out Emotional Herbalism Embodied Part 2 or 1:1 Sessions below.

Grounding Meditation

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Emotional Herbalism Embodied Part 2


Emotional Herbalsim 1:1 Sessions


Emotional Herbalism Kit

November 16th 6-7:30pm PST


Join me for part 2 where we delve into how to support the digestive and nervous systems on the path toward emotional balance!

We will connect the dots between digestive issues, nervous system dysregulation, and emotional health.  Exploring the emotional significance of digestion and the nervous system response, we will track their ties with hard to shift emotional imbalances. 


And of course, we will dive into herbs, plant spirit medicine, nutrition, and somatic practices to bring harmony back into these systems.


Special offering just for Emotional Herbalism Embodied students!

Go deeper and get support with one emotional imbalance that resonated with you during class.

Which emotion felt the most tender?  Anxiety?  Anger?  Grief?  Shame?

We will spend 30 minutes going deep with how that emotion impacts your life and receive a personalized spirit formula to support your emotional healing.

$55 for session and spirit formula

Emotional Medicine

Want to keep working with the plants from class?  Order an Emotional Herbalism Kit!


-Skullcap for Anxiety

-Violet for Grief

-Milk Thistle for Shame

-Dandelion for Anger

Four 10ml bottles of tincture to be taken in spirit doses (1-3 drops)

$35 + free shipping

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