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Herbs Delivered To Your Door

Call or Video In

-Herbal Medicine For Immune Support, Respiratory Health & Emotional Wellness During COVID-19 -

covid care


Covid Care Sessions were created to bridge the gap between people and herbal care in this time of pandemic.  We are dedicated to nurturing our collective health and wellbeing by offering preventative and acute holistic care.  


We believe that the best way to get through this is together. 


We are reaching out across social distance to offer accessible video and phone appointments.  We can offer quick door too door herb drop-off for our local Southern Oregon community and herbs mailed to you for out of town folks.   


Work with an experienced clinical herbalist to create a preventative health protocol including personalized herbal formulas and nutritional guidelines.  With a focus on prevention, we will consult with you on immune and respiratory health as well as stress management and emotional wellness.  

We are offering sliding scale appointments by phone and HIPPA compliant video call.

-Low cost, high value

-Remote sessions

-Affordable herbs delivered to your door...$8-12/oz tincture & $3-4/oz tea

-$30-60 sliding scale for appointment and an herbal care plan personalized to your body and your needs

-Paying on the higher end supports free herbal care for our community members in need

-Free & pay-what-you-can appointments available (please email us if you need access to these appointments)   

COVID Care Appointments

Prevention Appointment 


During your 30-45 minute appointment we will talk about your health history, current health concerns and generally how you are coping with the pandemic.  There will also be space to talk about how COVID is impacting your emotional health and wellbeing.  You will receive a personal prevention care plan that includes herbal and dietary suggestions focused on supporting your immune and respiratory health, emotional wellness, and stress management.  Your plan can be focused on what you have at home or on herbs we can fill for you from our apothecary.  The goal of this work is to support your body and heart in staying strong during the pandemic and hopefully reduce your risk of becoming ill.


Acute Appointment


If you are experiencing symptoms, we will focus our appointment on talking about what those symptoms are and how they are impacting you physically and emotionally.  We will also discuss your health history and any other health issues you are dealing with in the context of how they might interact with the virus. After your appointment you will get a personalized herbal care plan tailored to your body and your symptoms.  It will include herbal and dietary recommendations.  Your plan can be focused on what you have at home or on herbs we can fill for you from our apothecary.  The goal of this work is to support your body in fighting the virus.  This is not a substitute for medical care.  If you have COVID symptoms please call your doctor.   

I am not a doctor, I do not diagnose or prescribe.  As an herbalist I support  patterns of imbalance in the body.  



to get on our schedule.

Please specify in your message if you are focusing on prevention or you are actively ill 


Clinic Herbalist

Samantha Ray Roberts, Clinical Herbalist & Health Educator

Hi I'm Sam, your herbalist at for you Covid Care session.  I've been serving my community as an herbalist for over a decade, teaching community herb classes, making medicine, seeing folks in my private practice and in various front lines clinics including the Occupy Portland and Standing Rock herb clinics.  


From my decade plus of clinical experience what I can tell you is that prevention is our best medicine and that herbs can profoundly impact our body's ability to get and stay well.  Herbs can nurture our immune systems, ease our stress and work to bring our body back in to balance.  I can also tell you what an important role herbs play in situations where allopathic medicine has yet to find solutions, like with COVID-19.    


With COVID-19 we are facing a new virus that will require innovative treatment.  In herbal medicine we have a bit of an upper hand in that we don't treat pathogens, we treat people.  What this means is that we are uniquely situated to be able to provide care for a broad range of symptoms as they arise in each individual person dealing with this virus.  Herbs are not a substitution for the life saving treatments accessed at hospitals, but they might very well keep you from getting to the point of needing them.  


In this time of change and uncertainty please remember...herbs are your allies in prevention, there is no need to wait until you are sick.


Take good care of each other.       

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