Come home to yourself with plant medicine.

So What's the Deal?


HOME AND HEARTH HERBS is here to help you come home to yourself... physically, emotionally and spiritually.  We're here to hold and guide you through the nitty gritty of your healing process with one on one healing sessions AND teach you how to welcome plant medicine in to the rituals of your everyday life with our classes, apprenticeship program and home remedies. 

HOME AND HEARTH HERBS is me (Sam), my collaborator Cannoli the dog (very committed to bringing the joy to healing work), and alllllll of the plants, plant spirits, elements and other beings that agree to become medicine and guide the healing work I do with folks.  


Based out of Ashland, Oregon, unceded Takelma land.


Take good care of yourself and each other. 

Herbal Healing Sessions

During a one on one session we will take a deep dive into the inner workings of your body, heart and spirit.  Our goal is gentle and profound healing of the root issues that keep you feeling unwell.  We will do this using herbs, plant spirit medicine, nutrition and lifestyle shifts.  While we are together we will talk and hold space for what's coming up for you.  We might do guided plant meditation, herbal foot baths, or other herbal treatments crafted help you move through old emotional stuff on your way to feeling better.



We offer community and private classes here in Ashland and out on the road.  Dip your toe into the green world! Gain some handy herbal tricks (that will make you the life of any party and indispensable in a zombie apocalypse) as well as the invaluable ability to nurture your own relationship to the plants in your life.  

Apprenticeship Program

Take root in the healing traditions of your ancestors. Learn herbal medicine basics to care for yourself and your family. Align with the medicine of the seasons. Learn the language of plants. Engage the practical plant magic in the rituals of everyday.

Beautiful * Magical * Practical * Botanical

Herbal remedies made with heart and ritual.   Crafted to open your heart, heal your body and help you incorporate practical plant magic into the rituals of your everyday life. 



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